If you don’t like modern mansions, don’t stop here, but I’m telling you, you’re going to miss one hell of a home. “Smart shape”, unseen elegance, modern furniture, incredibly beautiful design…Those are only a few things this magnificent mansion offers. Take a look!

Alright. Now, you’ve probably heard about SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects). In fact, you definitely have if you follow Architecture Beast, since I’ve posted their small apartment and its beautiful modern interior design, not so long ago. Let me just warn you that you’re going to see a lot of South African modern mansions here, since their homes are simply breathtaking. Anyway, let’s talk about this modern home right here.

6th 1448 Houghton is the name of this incredible modern mansion, located in Houghton Estate, one of the wealthiest suburbs of Johannesburg in South Africa. While usually mansions designed by SAOTA have ocean as their “backyard” (they are usually located somewhere on the cliffs), 6th 1448 home offers large green grassy backyard, which in my opinion goes perfectly with this design.

So, why is this “smart shape”? As architects from SAOTA said, “The houses have a U-shaped configuration organised around an internal courtyard and allows access to all of the living spaces and the swimming pool. A perforated wall separates the public forecourt from the private spaces”. Cool huh? Plus, no one can peek over the fence. Perfect for everyone obsessed with the privacy.

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Interiors of this modern mansion are another great success when we talk about design. I would actually call them perfect because I have no idea what else could I ask to make it better. Great job Antoni Associates. “The décor and furniture selected are modern and have strong lines to complement the linear architecture. A number of bespoke furniture pieces were designed by OKHA Interiors. Neutral palettes with accent colours have been used throughout. Strong graphic rugs add drama and texture to the rooms which offset against the solid architectural surfaces. Curated art by South African artists amongst others Lyndi Sales and Philip Barlow have been placed throughout the house”. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

After you see those beautiful photos, let me know, what is the best part of this modern mansion? What impressed you the most? Or you don’t find this house attractive at all? Feel free to leave your comment. Then you can check out this impressive ultra modern house in Athens.

All photos © Elsa Young and Adam Letch

Amazing modern facade

Terrace and contemporary furniture

Modern mansion and its terrace

Gorgeous modern facade

Outdoor living area in South African modern mansion

Impressive spiral staircase in modern mansion

Living room with spiral staircase

Dining room with white table and purple chairs

Amazing modern bedroom

Beautiful modern bathroom

Incredible living room in modern mansion

Contemporary home office

Modern guest room in modern mansion

Modern lounge room

Living room as seen from the first floor

Elegant bedroom entrance

Terrace and modern facade in South Africa

Swimming pool and glass wall as part of facade at night

Modern facade at night

Large modern mansion as seen from the backyard

Ground level floor plan of modern mansion First level floor plan of modern mansion Section drawing of modern mansion