Modern villa with smart home design is proper description for this modern home located on the coast of southern Spain. Take a look how 123DV office created luxury home of the 21st century.

A Netherlands-based architecture office specialized in designing modern villas, 123DV, created “Cool Blue Villa”, a holiday villa located in Marbella, Spain. Marbella is coastal city in southern Spain, located between Málaga and the Gibraltar Strait which makes it one of the most popular tourist cities of the Costa del Sol.

Smart home design

Owners wanted to make sure they will get some privacy on their weekend getaways, so architects started with closed, “defensive” design on the street. And kept it there. Even though one would expect this approach defining the whole home, rest of this modern villa is open as much as it gets. “After the first surprising element – the stepping stones in the water – you enter complete spatial openness. A transparent look is created by applying glass and long sight lines. The water and its reflection in different locations enhance this effect.”

Owner’s initial wish was to live right next to the sea. Since the plot was up the street from the beach, architects brought water to the villa. Huge modern swimming pool was placed next to the house while glass wall both on the ground floor and first floor opened interiors towards the pool and the sea down the street. Special attention was given to the roof: “On the roof you can experience maximum freedom: using the outside shower while gazing at the sea.”

Interior design

Speaking of materials used in this modern villa, “smooth, hygienic materials with a cool, clean look and feel were combined with warm, organic materials, like wood and natural stone.” Some of the focal points across the interior are tailor made kitchen island made out of solid Corian, a fireplace in the living room and leather seat which transforms into a home theater when needed. Besides beautiful living room with kitchen and home cinema, Cool Blue Villa offers 6 bedrooms, a wine cellar and gym with sauna as well. All devices in the house can be controlled with smartphones and tablets, making this modern villa, a smart home.

All photos © Carlos Caceres Lavergne

Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Street side facade and fence of the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Swimming pool of the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Staircase in the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Modern bedroom in the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Modern kitchen in Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Dining room in the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

North facade of the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Street facade of the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

South facade of the Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

modern bathroom in Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

staircase view of the sea